I’m finally up and blogging!

After spending the longest time umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to start a blog or not, I’ve finally taken what is, to a relatively under-confident woman, a huge step. This may only be a small corner of the internet to you, but to me, this is my place to show you the life that has become my own.

Through this tiny portal, I’ll be filling you in on what it’s like to live in the Netherlands as a British expat, and hopefully taking you on a few trips abroad as well. Although this may always just be another online diary, I’m excited to see what lies ahead. I’m excited to be writing again, and I’m excited, well, just in general really.

Who are you?

I guess an introduction is necessary. I’m Simone. I’m 28, and last December, I left my steady, yet draining teaching career and my family behind to be closer to my boyfriend and the cat.

Now I’m happily settled in the north of The Netherlands, in Friesland, to be exact, and slowly and surely coming to terms with the big changes that stood (and in fact, still stand) before me.

Although I’m big on Netflix, cuddling with the cat, and all the comforts that home has to offer, I’m always up for an adventure or two, especially if it means exploring a new town, city, or nature itself. I’m hoping that 2019 brings plenty of opportunity for all of these things.

So, who are you, and what else do you want to know about me? Feel free to drop me a line – my inbox is always open, and mostly just full of spam at the moment. Questions and curiosity are always welcome on this corner of the net.

Until next time!

Simone x


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