Tip time! Rhodes 2019 – Lindos town

Hello! We are back from a last minute sunshine-hunting trip to the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes.

Wow, what a beautiful island. It was only my second visit to Greece, having visited Santorini last October. I definitely hit it off with Rhodes more though, and my God do I have a list of reasons and places to show you exactly why!

Now, to make it a little more palatable, I’ve decided to dedicate one blog post per area. I don’t know about you, but long ass blog posts are not my thing, and I don’t want to keep you sitting for too long whilst I waffle on.

I’ve got places to go and things to do.

Just like you. So let’s get going.


Situated south east on the island, Lindos is about an hour’s drive from Rhodes airport. With our hotel being located one village across from Lindos town, we had pretty easy access to it in our little Micra!

Now, my top tip for visiting Lindos is: don’t go between the hours of 10 and 4.

“Come on!”, I hear you sigh. And yes, ok you’re right. What am I talking about?

We counted 33 coaches as we whizzed past Lindos one morning on our way to another destination. ThIrTy ThReE. Let’s say about 56 people fit into one coach. That’s 1,848 people just on coaches alone. There was also a car park full of cars at the top of the hill, and several below, so we are talking a lot of people.

Let me put that into perspective for you. Lindos only has 1087 inhabitants (thank you Wikipedia).

It’s the kind of town that has narrow, pedestrian only (save for a few rogue mopeds) streets. You can walk next to your partner, friend, mum or whoever you’ve taken along for the ride, but not all the time. We spent a lot of time dodging buggies and other, more stubborn couples who refused to part hands to let us past, for instance, so you can imagine just how busy it can get.

Tip #1 – catch the sunrise for a completely private experience

One of my favourite moments of the holiday was having Lindos to ourselves for a few hours. We headed out of our hotel at about 6:15 to catch the sunrise and it was so memorable for us both.

Mini tip: If you park up in one of the paid parking spots, it will cost you 3 Euros for a full day. Less if you start throwing small change in there and totting up the price for the hours you want though, so do take some change!

The streets were hauntingly quiet, and apart from a few locals off to work and plenty of cats and kittens, we didn’t see another soul for a good few hours.

We decided to head towards St Paul’s Bay as we’d heard that it was one of the most popular and beautiful spots, and wandered around the waterfront and the small chapel whilst the bay became bathed in the most beautiful golden light.


Whilst I’m on the subject of St Paul’s Bay, by the way, it’s definitely worth mentioning that this is a gorgeous spot that does unfortunately get full up with tourists. It costs about 7 euros to hire yourself a bed on the bay front for the day, which is pricey in my opinion, but for such a beautiful spot, it makes it difficult to say no.

Anyway – after I’d spent as much time as I could wow-ing over the sunrise, we headed back into the town. Still dead. Peaceful. With a little more light to help guide us through the streets.

Tip #2 – The ruins of the Acropolis of Lindos

The Acropolis of Lindos sits proudly overlooking the beautiful town below and was built back in the 14th Century. In order to reach it you must wander up the hillside across the slippery stones that line the way. I do not suggest hiking up there in flip-flops, that’s for sure. On the way down I had to go bare footed in the hope that I wouldn’t end up arse over tit…

Spoiler alert: we didn’t visit the Acropolis.

Well, we did – we spent a good while wandering around outside, and checking out the stunning views back over the town and the sea, but we didn’t fancy paying the 12 Euro entrance fee (each) to get inside.

Why? We’d read and heard many reviews that the price was a little steep for what it actually was, and personally, we felt like the view was enough for us.

Would I suggest heading into the ruins? Sure! There’s definitely plenty of history locked inside those walls, it just wasn’t for us.

Where to eat?

Tip #1 – Odyssia

We headed back to Lindos the same evening after our morning jaunt there to watch the sunrise. Luckily, every restaurant there seems to have a seating area on the roof, with gorgeous panoramic views over the rest of the town and the Acropolis above. Certainly a beautiful place to enjoy a romantic (or otherwise!) meal.

The food here was delicious. As per usual, R opted for a steak, and was very complimentary about the whole affair. I went for a stew, as I like my steaks soft and melt in the mouth, and I have to admit it was absolutely delicious, especially with a bit of mashed potato on the side.

  • 8/10 – would definitely return
  • Not too pricey

Tip #2 – Roof Burger Bar

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Not very Greek, but actually I don’t care! I’ve never been one to lose myself in a country’s cuisine completely anyway, as food is definitely a comfort for me, and sometimes, I need a little bit of what I’m used to.

Anyway, this place served up a good old classic burger as well as a few more varieties depending on how fancy or far out you fancied being. It wasn’t the swankiest of places, but we still got the same panoramic view as we did in Odyssia a few days earlier, and the service was fantastic.

You have to order your sides separately, but actually, this place wasn’t too pricey at all. In total we spent less than 40 Euros on a garlic bread starter (I’m sorry but sometimes, carbs upon carbs has to be on the table, right?), two burgers, two lots of sides, and two drinks, making it a slap up meal for little damage to the purse strings.

  • 8/10 – would return
  • Not too pricey

Lindos was certainly one of our favourite spots, despite the absolute nightmare of the tourists. If you time your visit well, you can miss the brunt of them, making your visit a much more enjoyable. We ended up visiting three times in total – it’s definitely a place that should be on your list.


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