Tip Time! Rhodes 2019 – Pefkos town

Pefkos is a small town just south of Lindos on the island of Rhodes. So, another mere hop, skip and jump from where we were staying.

Now, we found Pefkos by accident really. Or, more honestly, because I cannot really read Google Maps too well.

It all started one morning when we decided to visit ‘The Tip’. That’s our own name for it. It’s not really called The Tip. I’m actually referring to Prasonisi, the southernmost point of Rhodes. Which, by the way, is over an hour’s drive away from Pefkos.

You can imagine the strained conversation we had when we reached ‘The Tip’ after a mere 10 minute drive…

Anyway… finding Pefkos was really a little bit of a magical mistake. A happy accident one might say.

Tip #1 – visit Fokia beach

Fokia was one of our most visited places on Rhodes. We returned 3 times in total.

Why? Well, it was empty for one, apart from a diving school which took a small group of divers into the depths every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We literally had the place to ourselves, which for us tourist haters, was perfect.

Our second reason for visiting was the crystal clear waters. For me: Mrs I’m Scared Of Fish, it was perfect. I could watch the water from my little viewpoint above, as well as paddle and wade my way over rocks in the water itself. It was shallow enough for me to not be too scared of any shadows that just happened to lie in front of me, but deep enough for R to have a whale of a time snorkelling and hunting for said shadows.

Fokia is actually situated in it’s own little bay. It’s cut off from the rest of the town, and a little out in the sticks, which is why we found very few people. It’s also on the edge of a military zone, which was a little off-putting when we first found it. We spoke a few times with the diving instructors though, who put us at ease. We were safe on the beach!

Eating out in Pefkos

As I said, our dip into Pefkos was purely accidental, so we weren’t expecting to visit at all.

As a town, it’s mostly a bunch of resorts and a main shop/restaurant street. It’s not beautiful like Rhodes town or Lindos, but it’s definitely worth a visit for some of the food.

Tip #2 – eat at the Tipsy Cow

If you google the Tipsy Cow, or take a look on Trip Advisor, you’ll notice that it’s got rave reviews.

It’s a little bit of a rock restaurant; it’s got style, it’s got the décor, and it’s definitely got the food.

This had to be my favourite meal of our whole trip. Yes, I’m sorry, I’m not really an ‘I’ll-only-be-eating-the-local-food’ kind of girl. Now, don’t get me wrong, I will be eating the local cuisine… just not every night.

We had the most delicious steak and lamb shank ever, followed by the most indulgent Banoffee pies I’ve ever seen. We couldn’t even finish our desserts, they were that sweet.

  • 10/10 would return
  • Not overly pricey

Tip #3 – eat at Kritamo

Whilst the Tipsy Cow couldn’t be beaten on its food, Kritamo couldn’t be beaten on its views.

We ate here on what we thought was our last night. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t our last night. I am a terrible map reader, and a terrible… date knower? However, it wasn’t just me who thought it was our last night so I am not being held fully responsible for that, thank you.

Kritamo sits overlooking the sea, and if you get there at sundown, the views will be spectacular. It was pretty romantic. Oh, and they have cats, so if you’re a cat lover like I am, you’re going to have the best time.

Now, I won’t lie, I had to Google a lot of the food on the menu. They have a lot of choice that I’ve never seen before, such as graviera cheese (anyone?), caimaki (umm..?) and masitha ice cream (honestly stumped).

I ended up going for the chicken fillet and R went right ahead and ordered the king prawns – again not very Greek of us, but delicious all the same.

  • 9/10 would definitely return
  • On the pricey side

Whilst Pefkos isn’t a must-see destination by Rhodes standards, I wouldn’t miss it out if you’ve got a little bit of spare time and fancy a killer meal or a private swim in some of the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen. It was quite a busy area, but busy as in – there are plenty of hotels and apartments in the area. It wasn’t the most well-kept, beautiful town, but it certainly had a little bit of unmistakable charm that all Greek towns seem to have.


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