Tip Time! Rhodes 2019 – Old Town Rhodes

Finally! Rhodes old town has made it to the blog. It’s tip time!

This was by far our favourite area to explore during our time on the island, what with its awesome history combined with a stunning old town to discover.

If you’re into old buildings, gorgeous terraces and mind-blowing historical facts, old town Rhodes is the perfect place to visit. So, what were our top three favourite places to see?

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

Wow, that’s quite a mouthful. If you want, you can call it by it’s much easier, but less sophisticated name: kastello.

Being the early risers that we are, we were, of course, first in line for the palace. We were so early in fact, that the place wasn’t even technically open yet.

I don’t know how that can be possible either, but it is.

The palace itself is beautiful, and dates back originally to the 7th century, when it was a Byzantine citadel. In the 14th century, it was converted by knights into a palace for their Grand Master (probably where the name came from, eh). Since then it’s been renovated, with restoration taking place between 1937 and 1940, and nowadays it’s one of the few remaining pieces of gothic architecture in Greece.

Inside the palace, in the courtyard

It’s well worth a visit.

Inside we were treated to plenty of historical facts, gorgeously reconstructed rooms and real examples of mosaic floors which had been imported from the island of Kos during its restoration. Outside, the palace boasts a spacious courtyard to relax in before the sun peeps over the walls.

  • Entry fee: 10EUR for a combination ticket for 4 sites in total.
  • Opening times: currently 8am-3pm, but they vary throughout the year, so be sure to check out the opening times based on when you visit!

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes (Hospital of the Knights)

The entrance to the museum

Your combination ticket from the palace works in this museum too, which is just a short walk away, so don’t accidentally pay the 8EUR fee that comes at the door of the museum!

This was our second stop on our tour around old town Rhodes, and it should definitely be on your list too. A visit to this museum is well worth it for the atmosphere alone, but on top of that, you get to explore the vast buildings and widespread garden inside the walls.

This place is a treasure trove, packed with artefacts and articles from old school Rhodes, and we spent well over an hour exploring, as well as relaxing in the gardens. It was a fascinating spot to enjoy.

  • Entry fee: 8EUR unless you’ve already paid for the combi-ticket that got you into the palace!
  • Opening times: Open daily in the summer from 8AM until 8PM. Open Weds-Mon between Novemeber and April from 8AM until 3PM.

Roloi Clock Tower

We missed this glorious spot on our first trip into the city, but luckily found it by accident on our very last day.

Roloi clock tower gives stunning panoramic views of the city and hides a cute bar area within its walls. What’s more, for just 5 euros per person, you get access to the tower and get a free drink thrown in. That doesn’t happen often anymore!

Built in the 7th century, Roloi has always commanded the skyline of Rhodes old town. After an explosion in 1856, it was luckily rebuilt back to its former glory, and offers spectacular views of the ocean and the rest of the town.

We visited late in the day, and were lucky that there was only one other person up there. After taking the 53 (steep!) steps to the top (which I found hair raising to say the least!), we were treated to the most stunning view, and afterwards, we were able to bask in the sun for a while with a white wine to celebrate the end of our holiday.

  • Entry fee: Just 5 Euros with a free drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) thrown in.
  • Opening times: 9AM – 10PM, meaning you can take in the sights for sundown, too.

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