Eating and drinking our way through Utrecht: Part two

Hey guys! Welcome back to my second post out of three about our time eating and drinking through Utrecht. This time, I’ll be focusing on the Rum Club, a cute little underground affair where we started our evening off.

So, as you know, in my last post I introduced you to The Street Food Club, where I over-indulged in the spiciest and most delicious waffle of my life and awed at the amazing decor.

Well today, we’re going somewhere similar actually. In fact, we wondered whether Utrecht’s Rum Club was actually just another branch of The Street Food Club, because they were so alike in terms of how they looked.

So, without further ado, let’s go!

Part two: Rum Club

Oudegracht aan de Werf 111,
3511 AL

Unlike our first find of the day, Nikki and I had found this little gem whilst researching a few weeks before, and had howled in laughter over a few of the names of dishes and beverages on the menu. We knew we had to go here, whether the boys wanted to or not (luckily they did want to go there, phew).

We’d originally hoped to be able to visit for lunch, however, you should know that this place opens from 3pm, and when you’re heading for a curry at 6pm, there probably isn’t enough time to let your lunch go down before you head out for your evening meal.

You’ll find the entrance to the Rum Club situated on the lower level of the gracht, or canal, meaning that the bar itself is actually underground. Obviously that’s stupidly cool and only added to our desperate need to enjoy a cocktail or two in there.

The lower level of the canal, where you’ll find Rum Club

When you step through the doors of this underground cave of delights, you’ll find yourself transported into a tropical paradise; a tiki cocktail bar of delights around each corner.

Both Nikki and I wandered around the place with our mouths agape. Luckily the lights were dim, and brightly coloured, and I don’t think anyone saw, but my God were we impressed.

Look, if you’re looking to take someone on a fancy first date, or you want to chill out amongst tropical plants and neon signs, this is the ultimate place to be.

On the menu

The eating menu, which can be found here, consists of vegetarian options, meat, fish, poke bowls, vegan tropical snacks… you name it, they’ve apparently got it. I’m devastated we didn’t get to sample the menu, especially the ‘white men can’t jerk’ dish, and ‘I don’t like tortillas, said no Juan ever’.

If you’re just after some drinks though, you’ll find yourself in a cocktail paradise, with so many fantastic treats to tempt you. There are regular drinks too: beers, wine, spirits, and a selection of alcohol free drinks, which means everyone can get involved.

Choosing our cocktails was a difficult job

We scoured the drinks menu for an incredibly long time. That’s how amazing it was. We simply couldn’t choose. Two different waiters and waitresses asked us if we were ready to order before we decided that we were in fact, finally ready.

Choices, choices

I went for the Mojito’s Having Sex on the Beach, which I assumed was a mash up of the two separate drinks of the same names. I always go for something fruity and sweet, and this fit the bill perfectly: pineapples, peaches and limes alongside the demerara sugar, rum and mint leaves.

Nikki and R ended up trying out the Fire Hindabuilding, a double rum, passionfruit and lime number which literally came to the table set alight. It was a rather potent cocktail, which knocked me off my feet a bit when I took a sip and was definitely too strong for my poor tastebuds.

Mojito’s Having Sex on The Beach VS Fire Hindabuilding

Finally, the birthday boy himself went for a classic Cuba Libre: rum, cola and lime – and he seemed to like it, although I didn’t get a taster of that one.

Due to what I assume was our dive into the drinks menu that took us so long to resurface from in the first place, we only had time for one drink before we had to head off for our curry.

This place was the perfect stop of point for a little natter before we hit the hard stuff though.

Whilst I don’t think we used Rum Club to its full potential, it certainly rocked our world for an hour whilst we indulged in a cocktail in the fancy underground jungle setting.

This place gets a solid 4/5 too – it was a wonderful place to relax and take in the surroundings.


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