You need to visit: MOAK pancakes, De Pijp, Amsterdam

Pancakes. The epitome of Dutch cuisine. They’re simple, delicious, and the topping possibilities are practically endless. Nobody hates a good Dutch pancake. Or an American pancake for that matter.

It may come across as slightly ironic then that my expat friends and I decided to head out for American pancakes, rather than Dutch pancakes, when we do in fact inhabit the Netherlands. Nevertheless, last Saturday we headed to MOAK Pancakes in De Pijp in search of something thick and filling, and on that bleak winter’s day, thin pancakes just weren’t going to fill the void.

Moak Pancakes Pijp

Ferdinand Bolstraat 11
1072 LA Amsterdam

Opening times:
Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16:00
Sat - Sun 08:00 - 17:00

MOAK’s third branch opened in November 2019, so it’s a relatively new eatery. It joins MOAK City Center and MOAK West to create an unstoppable trio of pancake restaurants taking Amsterdam by storm.

Originally the love child of Sten and Sammy, MOAK began in 2016 through a mutual love of great food and juices.

Walking into the joint feels like walking into a mellow, urban living room, where you and your friends can hang out for hours and that’s exactly the vibe we were looking for.

MOAK is a light and airy space, with plenty of room to wander around. That’s nice to see considering that hip and happening cafes of today usully try to fit as many customers as they can into one room without thinking of the consequences of everyone being squashed together like herrings in a tin.

You’ll find gorgeous prints of rappers and R’n’B superstars lining the white walls, and pink and blue accents on show around the joint. Their gorgeous neon sign ‘thinking of a masterplan’ takes centre stage too, and is of course, a beautiful stand out piece that only adds to the chilled atmosphere.

Fancy a bit of merch? You’ll find MOAK’s uniform, adorned by both the waiting staff and the chefs alike, on the walls and ready to purchase, with gorgeous neon-esque slogans printed on them to add to your collection.

We chose De Pijp’s location because we expected there to be fewer tourists. We were right. MOAK has a no-reservations policy, so walking in on a Saturday afternoon could have been a dangerous game, but we managed to pick a perfect table in the back corner.

What’s on the menu?

Where to begin?

MOAK’s seemingly endless supply of pancakes

The menu is pretty much endless. American pancakes done every which way. You can certainly tell they’ve been created with love too, and actually, most of them have that healthy vibe about them.

As is the drill nowadays, you’ll find yourself asking for a stack of pancakes with a wild and wonderful name, such as the The Bubba Sparxxx, The Ima Boss or The Heavy Mama, which adds to the magic of such a fabulous place.

If you’re feeling extra sassy, you can even order The Golddigger, which is literally covered in gold, has countless toppings and comes with a glass of champagne. That one costs €100 though, so maybe wait until a special occasion for that bad boy.

MOAK’s pancakes are made with 100% organic wheat flour, and there’s no added sugar or salt, meaning plenty of fibre and nutrients are left behind. They’re cooked in a slither of butter too, so they’re still flavoursome, and you can go wild with your toppings.

MOAK pancakes

Our choices? For Dalia, THE SUPA DUPA, with homemade chocolate sauce, fresh fruits and grated coconut. For Chessie, THE BLUE MAGIC, with blueberries and maple syrup on the side, and for me, the piggy of the group, THE BLUE MAGIC DELUXE, with extra bacon. That’s a mountain of pancakes, with banana, strawberries, blueberries and maple syrup.

They were divine.

Those SUPA DUPA pancakes look delicious

Are vegans invited?

If you’re vegan, MOAK have got you covered too, with their special blend of pancake batter. Made with their favoured organic wheat flour and almond milk, MOAK’s vegan pancakes also include 1 gram of hand-picked saffron, which makes your vegan option extra special.

With four delicious pancake options to choose from, you can choose between sweet or savoury versions of some of the main menu’s top picks, and we’re pretty sure that extra toppings are available for those of us with endless stomachs and insatiable appetites.

Is it just a pancake party?

If pancakes aren’t your thing (surely they’re everyone’s thing), there’s something for you too.

MOAK also create yoghurt bowls, filled with exotic fruits, all the syrups and delicious granola for those of you wanting something a little fresher, and they even create some killer salads if you’re watching the old calories, so there really is something for everyone.

And what would you like to drink?

It wouldn’t be a fancy pancake place if it didn’t come with a range of fancy drinks to impress even the most health-conscious amongst us, would it.

Get all your extra vitamins and nutrients with a MOAK slow juice; 100% freshly pressed juices of all varieties that are pressed and pre-bottled with lots of extra love. You can choose from grape, carrot, pineapple, watermelon, pear, peach… the list is endless. You can even grab yourself a shot of ginger juice for an extra immune boost, and, the menu tells you exactly what your chosen juice is good for, so you learn something new along the way too.

We all went for a delicious grape juice, which apparently helps against migraines and cares for the skin. Whilst I think that you probably need to chug more than one bottle of juice for those kind of effects to take place, I love the idea that I felt like I was actually caring for my body whilst simultaneously stuffing myself with pancakes.

Of course, MOAK also offers a range of organic teas and coffee, perfect for a cold day like Saturday, and, if you’re feeling super, super sassy, you can also order champagne by the bottle or by the glass (as you do).

Ready to tuck into my pancakes and grape juice

Is MOAK worth the hype?

As the title suggests: you need to visit MOAK, whether that be in De Pijp, City Center, or West.

You’ll adore the atmosphere, and be launched straight into a food coma that will take you through to the next day once you’ve indulged in some of the tastiest pancakes Amsterdam has to offer.

We’ll certainly be back. See you there.


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