3 days in Germany: exploring Heimbach in the time of Corona

6th July 2020

Since the Corona virus hit, taking trips has been tricky to say the least. However, whilst some countries are still in the middle of battling the newest novel virus, the Netherlands has loosened its rules, with Germany following suit. We’ve been looking to travel again for a while, and whilst a full on adventure wasn’t […]

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5 of the most popular Dutch sauces

3rd July 2020

If you read my last blog post, you’ll know exactly which Dutch snacks you need to get your hands on the next time you’re in the Netherlands. You may also remember how much sauce the Dutch like to smother their food in. Today I’m going to be telling you exactly which sauces top the list […]

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Dutch snacks everyone needs to know about

29th June 2020

The Dutch aren’t known for their cuisine. In fact, some might say that the Dutch completely lack any culinary prowess. Well, I’m here to tell you that it just ain’t so. The Dutch have amazing deep-fried snacks. They’re the perfect addition to an evening of beer and merriment, with the merriment only slightly waning when […]

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Ranked: the best and worst of Dutch liquorice

26th June 2020

As a hardcore sweet lover like myself, you can imagine the shock and horror I felt when faced with shelves upon shelves of liquorice and not much else when I first took a trip around a Dutch supermarket. Aside from the odd bag of Haribo (which, spoiler alert, mostly contain liquorice!!!), finding fruit flavoured candies […]

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41 names from Harry Potter that are weird in Dutch

22nd June 2020

If you read my last blogpost, you’ll have found a ton of ways to get to grips with the Dutch language. One thing that I seemed to miss out though (weirdly enough given my love of reading), was how much you should read in your target language. It’s a biggie. When I began to get […]

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The ultimate guide to becoming a better Dutch speaker

20th June 2020

Learning a second language is many things. It’s nerves and confidence, it’s new words and phrases. It’s practicing the same sentence multiple times so you can pronounce a certain word like a native. Learning a new language is fun, and it’s challenging, and sometimes it’s really difficult. Today I’m bringing you my ultimate guide packed […]

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The (very brief) dictionary of Corona slang

6th May 2020

I love language and words. when I was young, I genuinely used to read the dictionary. Not in any sort of order, mind; rather, I’d flick to random pages and find words I’d never seen before, in a poor attempt to be top of the class with my wide vocabulary. It never worked. I remained, […]

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A few more films for the self-isolated

24th April 2020

So apparently all I do in self-isolation is watch stuff, because I am here with another dose of ‘films I watched this month so you gotta watch them too’. If you didn’t catch my last post about dark and gritty films to wrap your eyes around, you’ll find it here! It’s got a few recommendations […]

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