Vietnam 2019, a photo journal – part 2

23rd April 2020

In order to get from Ho Chi Minh to our second destination, Da Lat, we had to take the night bus. Waiting outside in the humid April heat was an experience in itself, and I won’t lie to you, I was afraid that each bus that pulled up would be ours. Feet stuck out at […]

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4 dark and gritty films to watch during self-isolation

7th April 2020

Hey guys, how’s self isolation treating you all? We’re on day… 26, I believe, of staying put and staying safe, and to pass the time, I’ve been delving into Netflix’s back catalogue, looking for films to while away the hours. I’m a fan of thrillers, horrors and generally dark and gritty films that make me […]

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Vietnam 2019, a photo journal – part 1

6th April 2020

Vietnam had never been on my bucket list. However, with one of R’s friends relocating back there the year before, a few of us decided to take him up on his offer of giving us a personal tour if we should ever want to go and visit. It’s a year ago now since we hopped […]

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Review: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

1st April 2020

I managed to inhale Margaret Atwood’s Oryx & Crake pretty quickly. I’d been eyeing it up for a while on the e-book store, and knew that it would be my first purchase once I got my hands on my new Kobo. Keep on reading for my review of this book, and beware: *This review may […]

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Self-isolation: my March round-up

31st March 2020

I’m on approximately day 21 of self-isolation, and it’s flying by, actually. Is that the days blurring, the lack of contact with other human beings apart from my quarantine buddy, or do the years really start flying by once you turn 30? Let’s do a self-isolation round-up to say goodbye to March! It may have […]

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Valentine’s day in the Netherlands

13th February 2020

Did somebody say Valentine’s Day? Wow, February is already here, eh? And with it, as per every February, it’s brought round that dreadful, or delightful day of love. That’s right, guys and gals, get ready to be asked who your valentine is pretty soon, and also be ready to be pushed into buying cards and […]

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Photo journal, Amsterdam, 01.02.2020

2nd February 2020

On Saturday, I headed down to Amsterdam to meet up with a few expat friends I’d not seen in a long time. I arrived early, to beat some crowds and to calm the nerves that bug me every time I either meet new people or see people again after a long while. I snapped some […]

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You need to visit: MOAK pancakes, De Pijp, Amsterdam

27th January 2020

Pancakes. The epitome of Dutch cuisine. They’re simple, delicious, and the topping possibilities are practically endless. Nobody hates a good Dutch pancake. Or an American pancake for that matter. It may come across as slightly ironic then that my expat friends and I decided to head out for American pancakes, rather than Dutch pancakes, when […]

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