Basic words and phrases for travelers in the Netherlands

17th July 2020

So you’ve booked a little trip to the Netherlands eh?! I don’t blame you; the Netherlands has some of the most beautiful nature and awesome cities I’ve ever seen. The Dutch are super chill too (unless you stand on a cycle path that is, then you’re in trouble), and really friendly (again, unless you step […]

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41 names from Harry Potter that are weird in Dutch

22nd June 2020

If you read my last blogpost, you’ll have found a ton of ways to get to grips with the Dutch language. One thing that I seemed to miss out though (weirdly enough given my love of reading), was how much you should read in your target language. It’s a biggie. When I began to get […]

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The (very brief) dictionary of Corona slang

6th May 2020

I love language and words. when I was young, I genuinely used to read the dictionary. Not in any sort of order, mind; rather, I’d flick to random pages and find words I’d never seen before, in a poor attempt to be top of the class with my wide vocabulary. It never worked. I remained, […]

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Getting that Dutch diploma

31st March 2019

I pretty much bark on about how hard I think it is to learn Dutch on a daily basis. Everyone says I am good. That I needn’t worry. That I speak really well for someone who’s been here this long. I love all of these compliments. They keep me going on the days where it […]

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The second coming or a second language?

10th February 2019

I find myself in a peak learning position. I live in a foreign country. I signed myself up for three Dutch lessons per week. Maybe, most interestingly of all (to me, and only me): I work in a school where I try to help Dutch and Frisian kids pick up the basics of my language, […]

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