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The Netherland’s Covid Rules Get Stricter

20th January 2021

Uh-oh, The Dutch government just made their Covid rules even stricter. Hey guys, I realise that this isn’t my normal kinda post, and actually, I’ve said precisely nothing about how the Netherlands is dealing with Covid on this blog thus far, but hey, looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a lot longer than […]

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The (very brief) dictionary of Corona slang

6th May 2020

I love language and words. when I was young, I genuinely used to read the dictionary. Not in any sort of order, mind; rather, I’d flick to random pages and find words I’d never seen before, in a poor attempt to be top of the class with my wide vocabulary. It never worked. I remained, […]

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A few more films for the self-isolated

24th April 2020

So apparently all I do in self-isolation is watch stuff, because I am here with another dose of ‘films I watched this month so you gotta watch them too’. If you didn’t catch my last post about dark and gritty films to wrap your eyes around, you’ll find it here! It’s got a few recommendations […]

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Self-isolation: my March round-up

31st March 2020

I’m on approximately day 21 of self-isolation, and it’s flying by, actually. Is that the days blurring, the lack of contact with other human beings apart from my quarantine buddy, or do the years really start flying by once you turn 30? Let’s do a self-isolation round-up to say goodbye to March! It may have […]

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Valentine’s day in the Netherlands

13th February 2020

Did somebody say Valentine’s Day? Wow, February is already here, eh? And with it, as per every February, it’s brought round that dreadful, or delightful day of love. That’s right, guys and gals, get ready to be asked who your valentine is pretty soon, and also be ready to be pushed into buying cards and […]

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Photo journal, Amsterdam, 01.02.2020

2nd February 2020

On Saturday, I headed down to Amsterdam to meet up with a few expat friends I’d not seen in a long time. I arrived early, to beat some crowds and to calm the nerves that bug me every time I either meet new people or see people again after a long while. I snapped some […]

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You need to visit: MOAK pancakes, De Pijp, Amsterdam

27th January 2020

Pancakes. The epitome of Dutch cuisine. They’re simple, delicious, and the topping possibilities are practically endless. Nobody hates a good Dutch pancake. Or an American pancake for that matter. It may come across as slightly ironic then that my expat friends and I decided to head out for American pancakes, rather than Dutch pancakes, when […]

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Dutch food: the iconic tompouce

22nd January 2020

You may think that the most iconic food item that the Dutch have to offer is the pancake. Or the apple pie. I’m here to tell you that they make custard slices even better than they make either of those two delicious snacks. That’s right. The Dutch tompouce is King, and I’ll fight anyone who […]

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Confusion in the Netherlands #1

14th January 2020

Living abroad is all fun and games until things get confusing. Every day I am hit by cultural confusion, as well as (and, the most common, actually) language confusion. Now, whilst the Netherlands is a wonderful country in almost every way, there are a lot of confusing things going down over here, and I am […]

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