The Netherlands

Ranked: the best and worst of Dutch liquorice

26th June 2020

As a hardcore sweet lover like myself, you can imagine the shock and horror I felt when faced with shelves upon shelves of liquorice and not much else when I first took a trip around a Dutch supermarket. Aside from the odd bag of Haribo (which, spoiler alert, mostly contain liquorice!!!), finding fruit flavoured candies […]

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Photo journal, Amsterdam, 01.02.2020

2nd February 2020

On Saturday, I headed down to Amsterdam to meet up with a few expat friends I’d not seen in a long time. I arrived early, to beat some crowds and to calm the nerves that bug me every time I either meet new people or see people again after a long while. I snapped some […]

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You need to visit: MOAK pancakes, De Pijp, Amsterdam

27th January 2020

Pancakes. The epitome of Dutch cuisine. They’re simple, delicious, and the topping possibilities are practically endless. Nobody hates a good Dutch pancake. Or an American pancake for that matter. It may come across as slightly ironic then that my expat friends and I decided to head out for American pancakes, rather than Dutch pancakes, when […]

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Visiting the oldest working planetarium in the world

22nd October 2019

In the centre of a town in the middle of Friesland, stands an important piece of its history. A planetarium, almost hidden in plain sight, which spans three buildings and holds one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever seen is waiting to be discovered. Last weekend we visited for the second time, the first […]

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A 24-hour heather hunt – part two

16th September 2019

After an evening of over filling our bellies on delicious dishes from a local eetcafe in Otterlo, we woke up to a delicious breakfast in our hotel (a perfect end and beginning, if you ask me). We walked into the breakfast room (actually just the restaurant, it wasn’t that posh) and seated ourselves as close […]

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