Discovering Utrecht’s Glorious Street Art

25th September 2020

For me, there’s nothing quite like stumbling upon a colourful mural in the middle of the city. It’s like being in a huge, free open air museum that you can go back and visit whenever you please. I’m always on the lookout. I knew Utrecht was going to be a good spot to discover some […]

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My fear of flying & why I don’t let it stop me

17th September 2020

Let’s get one thing straight: flying is my biggest fear. I’m so scared of flying that even the thought of sitting in an airplane seat gives me that sudden lump in the throat and adrenaline belly. I’m so scared of flying that I cry during every flight, and sometimes I have panic attacks. I’m so […]

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3 days in Germany: exploring Heimbach in the time of Corona

6th July 2020

Since the Corona virus hit, taking trips has been tricky to say the least. However, whilst some countries are still in the middle of battling the newest novel virus, the Netherlands has loosened its rules, with Germany following suit. We’ve been looking to travel again for a while, and whilst a full on adventure wasn’t […]

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Vietnam 2019, a photo journal – part 2

23rd April 2020

In order to get from Ho Chi Minh to our second destination, Da Lat, we had to take the night bus. Waiting outside in the humid April heat was an experience in itself, and I won’t lie to you, I was afraid that each bus that pulled up would be ours. Feet stuck out at […]

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Vietnam 2019, a photo journal – part 1

6th April 2020

Vietnam had never been on my bucket list. However, with one of R’s friends relocating back there the year before, a few of us decided to take him up on his offer of giving us a personal tour if we should ever want to go and visit. It’s a year ago now since we hopped […]

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