3 days in Germany: exploring Heimbach in the time of Corona

6th July 2020

Since the Corona virus hit, taking trips has been tricky to say the least. However, whilst some countries are still in the middle of battling the newest novel virus, the Netherlands has loosened its rules, with Germany following suit. We’ve been looking to travel again for a while, and whilst a full on adventure wasn’t […]

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Visiting the oldest working planetarium in the world

22nd October 2019

In the centre of a town in the middle of Friesland, stands an important piece of its history. A planetarium, almost hidden in plain sight, which spans three buildings and holds one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever seen is waiting to be discovered. Last weekend we visited for the second time, the first […]

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Tip Time! Rhodes 2019 – Old Town Rhodes

11th October 2019

Finally! Rhodes old town has made it to the blog. It’s tip time! This was by far our favourite area to explore during our time on the island, what with its awesome history combined with a stunning old town to discover. If you’re into old buildings, gorgeous terraces and mind-blowing historical facts, old town Rhodes […]

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Tip Time! Rhodes 2019 – Pefkos town

7th October 2019

Pefkos is a small town just south of Lindos on the island of Rhodes. So, another mere hop, skip and jump from where we were staying. Now, we found Pefkos by accident really. Or, more honestly, because I cannot really read Google Maps too well. It all started one morning when we decided to visit […]

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Tip time! Rhodes 2019 – Lindos town

4th October 2019

Hello! We are back from a last minute sunshine-hunting trip to the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes. Wow, what a beautiful island. It was only my second visit to Greece, having visited Santorini last October. I definitely hit it off with Rhodes more though, and my God do I have a list of reasons and […]

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Iceland: day two – Friday

21st January 2019

Good morning Reykjavik. It’s Friday. Day two. Adventures to have. Ice-land to see. Friday was wet. It was also extremely dark. As in, 9pm winters evening dark. Black skies and stars still shone above us dark. It’s 10am why is it still dark kinda dark. The dark that makes you think “I wonder how many […]

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Iceland: day one – Thursday

19th January 2019

Are you more of a planner, or do you like to keep things simple and go at your own pace? I’m a little bit in the middle. I like to have a general idea of what’s going to be happening, but other than that, I’m a ‘see where the day takes me’ kind of person […]

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