Iceland: day two – Friday

21st January 2019

Good morning Reykjavik. It’s Friday. Day two. Adventures to have. Ice-land to see. Friday was wet. It was also extremely dark. As in, 9pm winters evening dark. Black skies and stars still shone above us dark. It’s 10am why is it still dark kinda dark. The dark that makes you think “I wonder how many […]

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Iceland: day one – Thursday

19th January 2019

Are you more of a planner, or do you like to keep things simple and go at your own pace? I’m a little bit in the middle. I like to have a general idea of what’s going to be happening, but other than that, I’m a ‘see where the day takes me’ kind of person […]

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A weekend in Iceland: an overview

14th January 2019

As I proclaimed in a recent Instagram post: Iceland was never on my bucket list. I am perpetually cold. Why would I want to shoot myself through the air only to land in a country that has the word ‘ice’ in its moniker and has a total warmth of 11 degrees centigrade even in JULY? […]

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